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and our Worlds of Mystic Mystery. Expect strong storylines, thought-provoking themes and inspiring plots in our novels. That depth of storytelling can be found in much of our music too.

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Everyone has a story to tell. In fact, storytelling has and is used to great effect in every culture worldwide. Used as a tool for passing down information and wisdom, or for entertainment, stories can be inspiring, terrifying, or profoundly shape our worldview in equal measure.

To truly understand Eregendal as a publisher is to understand founder Maggie Shaw. A writer, musician, former addict, autist and entirely unique individual, Maggie’s inspiring story shows us the ashes from which Eregendal has risen. And shows us, too, how our own stories can shape us and, if given the right platform, others too.
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The Eagle and The Hart By Maggie Shaw


The Eagle and The Hart is a tale of intrigue, court politics and violence in medieval Germany.

When Knight Gendal brings news of Prince Sigmund's death to Prince Oscar's court at Harzberg in December 1319, something is clearly amiss. The death of the princes’ father Umbert appears to be the cause, but powerful factions are doing everything they can to hide the truth. Gendal risks danger and betrayal to unmask the real traitors before their bid to take power plunges Harzland into a battle for the crown that could cost them all their lives.

This action-packed stand-alone sequel to The Eagle and The Raven sees Gendal living out the commission to right wrong and fight injustice, in an exciting adventure where faith and friendship are put to the ultimate test.

The MacThomas Bridge

by J S McCombie, Maggie Shaw


For All Eternity

by Maggie Shaw



by Maggie Shaw


Let's Drive

by The Shaw Sisters


If I could take flight like a swallow

by Maggie Shaw