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and our Worlds of Mystic Mystery. Expect strong storylines, though-provoking themes and inspiring plots in our novels. That depth of storytelling can be found in much of our music too.

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Everyone has a story to tell. In fact, storytelling has and is used to great effect in every culture worldwide. Used as a tool for passing down information and wisdom, or for entertainment, stories can be inspiring, terrifying, or profoundly shape our worldview in equal measure.

To truly understand Eregendal as a publisher is to understand founder Maggie Shaw. A writer, musician, former addict, autist and entirely unique individual, Maggie’s inspiring story shows us the ashes from which Eregendal has risen. And shows us, too, how our own stories can shape us and, if given the right platform, others too.
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The Eagle and The Butterfly (Paperback) By Maggie Shaw


The Eagle and The Butterfly tells the story of a person who passes through a thin place into the mythical world of Berren and becomes the butterfly Eregéndal. To atone for the past, Eregendal must face hell and death in a quest to save Berren from Zoust and the forces of evil at the Last Battle. Eregendal’s sacrifice helps the child-goddess Zana ascend to her throne.

This allegorical novel is steeped in folklore and includes many symbols drawn from North European myths and legends. Its themes include personal development, the battle between good and evil, and death and resurrection.

The abridged version also in this volume, has a reading age of about 9 years and up. It follows the original story but omits much of the violence and reflection.

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by J S McCombie, Maggie Shaw


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