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and our Worlds of Mystic Mystery. Expect strong storylines, though-provoking themes and inspiring plots in our novels. That depth of storytelling can be found in much of our music too.

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Everyone has a story to tell. In fact, storytelling has and is used to great effect in every culture worldwide. Used as a tool for passing down information and wisdom, or for entertainment, stories can be inspiring, terrifying, or profoundly shape our worldview in equal measure.

To truly understand Eregendal as a publisher is to understand founder Maggie Shaw. A writer, musician, former addict, autist and entirely unique individual, Maggie’s inspiring story shows us the ashes from which Eregendal has risen. And shows us, too, how our own stories can shape us and, if given the right platform, others too.
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Diviner’s Nemesis II – Retribution (Paperback) By Maggie Shaw


Demonic forces amass against Liz Graham to remove her as head of the psychic society, P.S.I. Her husband Alec’s plot to destroy her predecessor Jonathan Keast, leaves Liz defenceless against Keast’s schemes to depose her. Can Liz destroy the evil powers at work before they destroy her?

This story of retribution is set in a work of occultism and the paranormal in 1970s London, and explores prescience, faith, betrayal, forgiveness and redemption as it follows the clash of two male egos through the experiences of the woman they sacrifice to their rivalry.


by Maggie Shaw


Let's Drive

by The Shaw Sisters