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About Maggie Shaw

About Maggie

Eregendal founder Maggie Shaw creates her stories from her many and varied life experiences. A teenage runaway who made good despite her undiagnosed Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Maggie writes as one who has walked the walk in recovery and spiritual development. Her degrees in science, divinity and church music, and her career as a Mental Health Dietitian, underpin her work with a solid framework, supporting the exciting adventure stories she loves to tell.
Maggie is also a musician, composer and song writer, and many of her songs are inspired by the stories she writes. She lives in Cheshire with her husband Alan and their tabby cat Tinker.
Maggie’s music and short stories have been broadcast by Radio Carlisle, Cat Radio, and Red Shift Radio; and articles of hers have been published in the West Cumbrian Arts Co-operative magazine Raven, The Whitehaven News, Amateur Photographer, The Crewe and Nantwich Chronicle, The Church of England Newspaper and Chrism. Online, Maggie publishes through ArtSwarm, YouTube and Sound Cloud.

Maggie's Journey

Eregendal Publishers & Music

Eregendal Publishers & Music

The name Eregéndal comes from the name of a character in one of Maggie Shaw’s earliest books, The Eagle and The Butterfly, which was published on 5th October 2020. The unique name was created from naming patterns in Celtic and Germanic folklore.

Micro-publishing business Eregendal was set up in 2018 to publish novels in Visionary Fiction, Christian Mystic and fantasy genres, which tend not to be accepted by main-stream publishers for commercial reasons. We use Print On Demand to produce our paperbacks and also sell every title as an e-book, which enables our titles to be produced in a cheaper, more ecologically friendly way than those used by traditional publishers.

Publish your Book with Eregendal
While Eregendal does not operate as a traditional publisher, it is possible to publish under our imprint if you have an unpublished novel with a fantasy, Visionary Fiction or Christian Mystic theme. We are also happy to give basic guidance to unpublished writers about self-publishing and will send our free Information Sheet upon request. Please email for further information.

Maggie's Book Recommendation

Book front cover

The Vision and Beyond (Paperback) By Maggie Shaw


Who is the captive, released after nearly three years in a foreign jail? What happened to her homeland while she was away? And who is the enigmatic John Smith, charged with finding her true identity?

This supernatural mystic quest novel in the Visionary Fiction genre, explores the themes of guilt, healing and identity in a post Cold War world. Part One “Into the Vision…” also gives insight into how a person with undiagnosed Asperger’s or tries to understand the world without the cues that neuro-typical people take for granted.

Visionary Fiction

Eregendal publishes novels in the relatively new Visionary Fiction genre, a sub-category of Inspirational Fiction. Strong story lines drive the narration, but the characters also develop and change through the course of the story, and there is usually a strong metaphysical dynamic. Writers in the Visionary Fiction style include the Inklings authors J R R Tolkein, C S Lewis and Charles Williams, who wrote in the 20th century, some time before the genre was given a name.

The term "visionary fiction" was suggested by Renée Weber, professor of philosophy at Rutgers University, and used by John Algeo in a 1982 article which described recent examples and earlier precursors. Algeo called Visionary Fiction a modern and sophisticated version of the fairy tale. Present-day authors writing in the genre have grouped together in the Visionary Fiction Alliance to help define the genre and support and encourage other authors working in the same field.