The back cover of The Eagle and The Butterfly

Self-Publishing: Two into One

The Eagle and The Butterfly was the fourth novel published under the Eregendal imprint, coming out in in 2021. It is actually an omnibus edition, as the book contains two versions of the novel: the original deeply mythical story, and an abridged version with a reading age of about 9 which concentrates on the adventures […]

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Waiting for the Dawn - Maggie Shaw - Eregendal

Writing Poetry to Order?

It’s something I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing when I first wrote poetry in my teens and early adulthood. The anthology Waiting for the Dawn – Poetry from the Depths to the Light is full of those early poems, dashed off as the mood took me. Going through them all as I selected individual pieces

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Poem Survivor from Waiting for the Dawn: A woman stands on a hilltop looking down at a lake and hills in autumn


Survivor Now, as I look down from the plateau of my achievements,I see the many places I had to conquer:The steep slopes, the raging rivers, the skidding screes.I can see too, the resting places: the sheltered lakes,The wooded slopes, the flower meadows.And I can see the threading path between them,Sometimes a deeply rutted track, a

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Book of the Month, December 2023 – Politically Correct Bedtime Stories by James Finn Garner

For December’s Book of the Month I have chosen Politically Correct Bedtime Stories and its follow up Once Upon a More Enlightened Time by James Finn Garner (Simon and Schuster 1994, 1995). Garner is an American writer and satirist based in Chicago, and an alumnus of the University of Michigan.   The two books retell

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