Autumn Q&A

Autumn is just around the corner! With the leaves about to fall and cosier nights on the way, we thought we’d welcome this new season with an exclusive Q&A with author, and owner of Eregendal, Maggie Shaw…


Pumpkin pie or apple pie?

I love making pumpkin pie at harvest time. Although my recipe includes putting meringue on top, I prefer it without.


Favourite autumn food?

Hot dogs on Bonfire Night at the local Lions firework display.


What’s your favourite autumn colour?

The tawny gold of the falling leaves.


Your go to autumn book and why…

As the nights start to draw in, it’s lovely to settle by the fire in my favourite armchair with a good detective novel. An Agatha Christie mystery is perfect, whether I’ve read it before or not.


Do you prefer to dress for the colder weather or warmer day?

I love wrapping up warmly for the cold days. It’s always a pleasure to say hello to my favourite coats and woolly jumpers again.


Scarves or hats?

Hats, definitely: usually berets as they’re great for tucking up my long hair. I like wearing turtle neck and polo neck tops when the weather gets cooler, so I hardly ever need a scarf.


Favourite autumn activity and why…

I love making green tomato chutney with the last of the produce from my garden to have with my home-made curries later on in the year. And Autumn is always the time to start preparing for December by baking my Christmas Cake so that it has time to mature in the tin.


Favourite tree and autumn leaf?

Beech trees. There is an amazing avenue of them at Catchpenny near Loch of the Lowes in Perthshire. They turn the road into a golden tunnel in autumntime. I used to visit them every year when I lived nearby, just to enjoy the sensation of driving through the golden arch.


We hope you enjoy all that autumn has to bring!

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