Book of the Month, March 2024 – The Big Tale of Little Peppa by Neville Astley and Mark Baker

Big Tale of Little Peppa reviewed by Maggie Shaw

For March’s Book of the Month I have chosen The Big Tale of Little Peppa, created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker, and first published by Ladybird Books in 2003. This book was one of the Peppa Pig stories which were turned into a TV series in 2004. Peppa Pig has become so popular, the slightly bossy four year old character now has her own website and theme park –


This colourful book describes a conversation between Peppa, her friend Suzy, and her parents Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. The story explains in a simple yet beautiful way, how Peppa used to be a baby, how she grew bigger, and how when she was a toddler, her younger brother George was still in Mummy Pig’s tummy. The simple brightly-coloured illustrations enhance and help to explain the story as it is told.


I chose to review this book because I am working on my third children’s book at present, the next in the series, The Teddies of Rosehill Cottage. Like the Teddies books, the Peppa Pig books use short simple sentences, illustrated by supportive pictures to help convey the story. Both books are designed to be read to a young child by an older person, but could also be used as an early reader by a child learning to read. As a book designer, I did note how the Peppa Pig story used more variation in font size, bold and italics to emphasise parts of the conversation, to great effect.


The lasting impression left by The Big Tale of Little Peppa is of a happy daughter growing up in a cosy supportive family, and enjoying the companionship of her good friend Suzy. All in all, it is an attractive hardback with a friendly message about a difficult subject. Its presentation clearly shows why Peppa Pig has become such a popular children’s brand.

So there we have it, March’s Book of the Month! Be sure to check back in April when I’ll be revealing another must read.

Maggie x

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