Bookish Connections Q&A with Maggie Shaw

You may have seen #bookishconnections whilst scrolling through Instagram. This series of short and snappy questions are perfect for helping audiences and authors get to know each other better. So, here’s more about Maggie Shaw…

1. Is there any genre you tend to avoid?
Gushing romances and books with too much graphic violence or sex.

2. Is there a book on your shelf you’re ashamed you haven’t read?
The Organ by John Stainer (Novello 1894): as a church organist who occasionally plays pipe organs, this primer would give me a lot of useful information about the construction of pipe organs and how to play them.

3. What is your worst habit as a reader?
Starting a book and coming back to it weeks later to continue reading.

4. Do you read synopsis before you buy a book?
Yes: it helps me understand where the author is coming from and decide whether the book is one I would enjoy or find useful. It helps me weed out the genres mentioned in Question 1, too.

5. Do you buy used books?
All the time, usually books that have gone out of print. I buy more old books from than new books from Amazon.

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