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The Eagle and The Hart Kindle Version

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The Eagle and The Hart Kindle Version By Maggie Shaw

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When Knight Gendal brings news of Prince Sigmund's death to Prince Oscar's court at Harzberg in December 1319, something is clearly amiss. The death of the princes’ father Umbert appears to be the cause, but powerful factions are doing everything they can to hide the truth. Gendal risks danger and betrayal to unmask the real traitors before their bid to take power plunges Harzland into a battle for the crown that could cost them all their lives.

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  • Date Published: 21/12/2022
  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7397801-4-2
  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-7397801-6-6
  • Publisher: Eregendal

When Knight Gendal brings news of Prince Sigmund’s death to his family at Harzberg, something is clearly amiss in Crown Prince Oscar’s court. As Gendal asks questions about the poisoning of Prince Umbert, the cause of Prince Sigmund’s departure from Harzland, powerful factions try to stop the knight from uncovering the truth. A revelation at the Christmas Eve Masque destroys the trust of friends and radically changes the investigation. When the real perpetrators are unmasked on the last day of 1319, the Prince and his allies must risk all in battle to save their land. This action-packed sequel to The Eagle and The Raven sees Gendal living out the divine commission to right wrongs and fight injustice, in an exciting adventure where faith and friendship are put to the ultimate test.