Let’s Drive Released!

When Maggie Shaw composed ‘Let’s Drive’ last year, she had to keep it a secret because it was created for the Eurovision Song Contest, and any Eurovision entry should not be performed in public or released before October. Maggie was joined by Rachael Shaw for the harmony vocals during the recording session at The Arena Studios, Crewe. Rachael is a fellow member of the All Saints’ Crewe church band Testimony which Maggie runs. Sadly, just as the single was ready for submission, the BBC announced that it was changing the rules about who could enter, and handed the organisation of the UK Eurovision entry to a media company. Maggie tried to submit the song through the new channels but got no response.

So instead, Let’s Drive has been released here on our website. You can also see a recording of Maggie and Rachael performing the song at the Arena Studio on You Tube. A great feel-good song reminiscent of younger, more carefree days.

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