Maggie Shaw’s Book of the Month | March 2022

Hi, there. Maggie Shaw here, proud owner of Eregendal and author.

As a lifelong lover of reading, each month I choose one of my favourite books – and tell you all about it.

For March’s Book of the Month, as I work on a children’s book myself, I have chosen Hidden Monsters, written and illustrated by Lorna Gibson (2021) and available through Lorna is a member of the Association of Illustrators and founded Toots Design as her online outlet for her books, prints and greetings cards.

Hidden Monsters is an illustrated poem, written in the first person, about all the things people may hide when they tell the world ‘I’m fine’. It explores how dangerous it can be to keep the things we fear most bottled up inside, and what a difference it can make to us when we choose to invite that darker side of ourselves into our lives. Although written and illustrated for children, it explains in simple language one of the truths many of us adults also need to hear.

I loved the way the poem evolves, gently leading me as the reader through the feeling of being outside looking in at others lives, into that past where I hid my darkest feelings until they overwhelmed me. The poem offered a simple yet effective way of dealing with the monsters: to invite them into my life so that I can get to know them and accept them as a part of my character. The beautiful illustrations support the poem well, making it an attractive book for an adult to read to a child.

I came away from the book, glad to have been given such a lovely opportunity to explore and accept my whole self as a person, in such a gentle, non-judgemental way.

So there we have it, March’s Book of the Month! Be sure to check back in April as I’ll be revealing another must read.

Take care,

Maggie x

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