Maggie Shaw’s Book of the Month | May 2021

Hi there, Maggie Shaw here, proud owner of Eregendal and author.

As a lifelong lover of reading, each month I choose one of my favourite books- and tell you all about it!

For May’s Book of the Month I have chosen Your 4 Keys to a Healthier Happier You by Richard Eckley.

I came across this self-improvement book on LinkedIn and chose to read it because I had recently published ‘The Eagle and The Butterfly’, which features five golden keys on a silver belt as part of the main character’s development during the story.

Richard Eckley’s book is a short, easy read at 64 pages (large print version 98 pages) with an engaging style which makes it feel like the author is speaking to the reader in person. Unlike ‘The Eagle and The Butterfly’, the content concentrates only on the body and the mind, including the unconscious, but making no mention of spiritual or metaphysical dimensions.

The book includes cartoon-style illustrations and some useful check lists to help the reader follow the guidance. The four key areas covered are: health, wealth, relationships and mindset. The author’s page is at the back of the book: this includes a brief biography and a list of the people who inspired him on his journey.

This is the sort of book that would have been really helpful to me as a young adult. It has a common-sense approach to analysing your lifestyle and goals, with simple steps to improving areas of weakness, and changing the mindset that might prevent those changes. It is not a book for those who want instant results, but could be transforming for someone who realises that they need to do something about themselves, and are willing to make the small changes over time that can build to transformation.

So there we have it, May’s Book of the Month! Be sure to check back in June as I’ll be revealing another must read.

Take care,

Maggie x

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